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 Not to us, O Jehovah, not to us, but to Your name give glory, for Your mercy and for Your truth's sake.

Psalm 115:1  (MKJV)

                          'That I May Live'                         

My God, my God, what have I done?

The sin in my life has killed your Son.

Despised and rejected, how could it be,

A king so pure should die on a tree.



                        'Battle for the Soul'                      

From the dawn of time it all began.

Battles waged because of we.

The spirits fight for the souls of man.

A war is raging, don't you see.



                           'Love defined...                          '

What is love, some one did ask.

A need to describe it, a daunting task.

What is love, God did describe.

Love one another and be kind.



                             'Dying World'                           

There are facts in this world that still remain true.

We're born, we live, we die, we are through.

From the dust we were made to have a free will

To the dust we return when buried on a hill



                               'Your Grace'                             

Dear Father,

Your grace has fallen on me,

Undeserving, wretched soul

Your love has set me free.



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                             'You are God'                             

Father, here am I, waiting to hear your voice.

I need your guidance and a clear choice.

You have carried me since my birth.

You formed the sun, moon, and earth.



                    'Were you thinking of me?'                

Before this world, you were there

God above all, splendor and fair

Glory and honor, all is yours

Love so amazing, always pours.



                               'Oh Father'                              

Oh Father, my loving Father,

Precious is your holy name.

My will to You, I defer,

For you soothe my guilt and shame.



                         'Faith of my Child...'                     

I sit and watch you from afar,

Your love for God is who you are.

A faith unshaken and so pure,

In God's hands you are secure.