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 And Jesus said, Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do. ...

Luk 23:34 (MKJV)

Were you thinking of me?


Before this world, you were there

God above all, splendor and fair

Glory and honor, all is yours

Love so amazing, always pours.


Creation spoken, worlds were made

Foundation set, on you it was laid.

All was created, pure and just,

Woman from man and man from dust


All is known and You did see

Beginning to end men did flee

Turned from the path You had set

Sin in life became mans debt.


Offerings made, meant to last

Sin in life, future and past

You came down, in form of man

Lived a life like no one can


Despised and rejected, nailed to the cross

Sacrifice for all, man was lost

While on the tree you did say

"Father forgive them..." on that day


My question is and will always be

On that day were you thinking of me?

Sin in my life, how wicked am I

You died for me. And I ask why?


My eyes wide open and now I see

With your love, thinking of me

You died on the cross for my sin

That in my life I could win.


A life of joy, You gave me

And from my sin, I am free.

Thank you Lord

C. Dakota



©2006 Eric Crossley /