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House votes to ban taxpayer-funded abortions
22 Jan 2015 at 11:04pm
While tens of thousands of pro-life marchers teemed the streets outside the Capitol, the House voted Thursday to cement a ban on taxpayer funding for abortions under Obamacare.
On day of D.C. 'March for Life,' abortion bill fractures House GOP
22 Jan 2015 at 11:03pm
Abortion foes often find it difficult to unite, but as they gathered for the March for Life the movement's leaders uniformly backed a mid-pregnancy abortion ban they expected the House to pass this week.
NSA Details Chinese Cyber Theft of F-35, Military Secrets
22 Jan 2015 at 10:51pm
China obtained more than 50 terabytes of data from U.S. defense and government networks, notably the Joint Strike Fighter's stealth radar and engine secrets, through cyber espionage, according to newly disclosed National Security Agency documents.
Obama pushes tax plan, wields veto pen in defiant State of the Union address
21 Jan 2015 at 11:14pm
A defiant President Obama staked out a populist agenda Tuesday night for his final two years in office built on what he called "middle-class economics," while using his sixth State of the Union address to deliver a slew of veto threats challenging the new, Republican-led Congress.
House pulls vote on 20-week abortion ban
21 Jan 2015 at 11:05pm
Republican House leaders are yanking a bill banning abortion past 20 weeks of pregnancy from the floor and replacing it with legislation blocking abortion coverage from plans offered on
House nixes fetal-pain abortion vote, substitutes anti-Obamacare bill instead
21 Jan 2015 at 10:59pm
Facing yet another internal division, Republican leaders night scratched a planned Thursday vote on a bill banning abortions at 20 weeks and replaced it with a bill designed to eliminate taxpayer funding for abortions.
Assisted suicide movement gaining traction across U.S.
21 Jan 2015 at 10:51pm
The highly publicized physician-assisted suicide of 29-year-old brain cancer patient Brittany Maynard has given the ailing right-to-die movement a new lease on life.
Obama to Meet with Family of U.S. Pastor Imprisoned in Iran
21 Jan 2015 at 10:43pm
President Barack Obama will meet with the family of a U.S. pastor imprisoned in Iran on Wednesday in Boise, Idaho, an administration official has confirmed.
Is nervous Obama White House holding Bergdahl report hostage?
20 Jan 2015 at 9:41pm
Last Sunday, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Martin Dempsey, indicated that he expected a decision "fairly soon" on whether the Army will court martial Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl for allegedly deserting his post in Afghanistan, or has cleared him, paving the way for separation from the service and back pay in excess of $200,000. Moreover, a decision to clear Bergdahl may well open the door for him to be designated a former prisoner of war, ensuring him substantial monthly pay, medical and educational benefits for the rest of his life.