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As states warm to online voting, experts warn of trouble ahead
17 Apr 2015 at 3:05am
A Pentagon official sat before a committee of the Washington State Legislature in January and declared that the U.S. military supported a bill that would allow voters in the state to cast election ballots via email or fax without having to certify their identities.
House Gift Tax Bill Seen as Guarding Against IRS Targeting
17 Apr 2015 at 3:05am
Legislation passed quietly by the House on Wednesday to shield large donors from paying gift taxes on contributions to certain political groups was seen by conservatives as a way to prevent the IRS from targeting tea party and related organizations.
Feds Have Issued 541,000 SSNs to Illegal Aliens
17 Apr 2015 at 2:30am
The Social Security Administration (SSA) has issued 541,000 Social Security numbers (SSNs) to illegal aliens as a result of President Barack Obama's executive action on immigration in 2012.
Obamacare birth control rules unclear for women, insurers
17 Apr 2015 at 2:22am
Some insurers are requiring women to pay all of the costs of their contraceptive drugs even though Obamacare requires birth control to be provided free of charge, according to a study released Thursday that blames vague federal guidelines for the uneven implementation.
Army morale low despite 6-year, $287M optimism program
17 Apr 2015 at 2:08am
More than half of some 770,000 soldiers are pessimistic about their future in the military and nearly as many are unhappy in their jobs, despite a six-year, $287 million campaign to make troops more optimistic and resilient, findings obtained by USA TODAY show.
Security expert pulled off flight by FBI after exposing airline tech vulnerab...
17 Apr 2015 at 1:54am
One of the world's foremost experts on counter-threat intelligence within the cybersecurity industry, who blew the whistle on vulnerabilities in airplane technology systems in a series of recent Fox News reports, has become the target of an FBI investigation himself.
$1,477,901,000,000+:Tax-Day Tax Record
16 Apr 2015 at 2:59am
The federal government has set an all-time record for the amount of inflation-adjusted tax revenue brought into the federal Treasury from the beginning of the fiscal year through the April 15 tax-filing deadline.
How the FBI is whitewashing the Saudi connection to 9/11
16 Apr 2015 at 2:33am
The investigation into the prominent Saudi family's ties to the hijackers started on Sept. 19, 2001, and remained active for several years. It was led by the FBI's Tampa field office but also involved the bureau's field offices in New York and Washington, and also the Southwest Florida Domestic Security Task Force.
Oil-Rich Nations Are Selling Off Their Petrodollar Assets at Record Pace
16 Apr 2015 at 2:20am
Now that oil prices have dropped by half to $50 a barrel, Saudi Arabia and other commodity-rich nations are fast drawing down those "petrodollar" reserves. Some nations, such as Angola, are burning through their savings at a record pace, removing a source of liquidity from global markets.