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 The Christian Post

'Stitchers' Season 2 Episode 7 Spoilers: Team Looks Into The Death Of A Lawyer
3 May 2016 at 6:30pm
The upcoming seventh episode of the hit sci-fi procedural drama TV series "Stitchers" Season 2 will take inspiration in its title from one of Freeform's popular show, "Pretty Little Liars."
'The Flash' Season 2 Spoilers: Will Barry Get His Powers Back In Episode 20? ...
3 May 2016 at 8:02pm
The CW's hit superhero drama TV series, "The Flash" Season 2, is back this week with a brand new episode that will get to find out if Barry Allen will finally have his speed back after losing it to Zoom. Meanwhile, series star drops some details about this new character that the show is about to introduce.
'Containment' Season 1 Episode 3 Spoilers: The Ordeal Inside The Cordon Conti...
3 May 2016 at 7:30pm
Things are about to get even worse when as the first season of The CW's hit virus outbreak drama TV series "Containment" continues this week with a brand new episode that will once again see Lex working with Jake to help maintain control inside the cordone. Meanwhile, Jake Riley is does something in Dr. Victor Cannerts' behest.
'Agents Of SHIELD' Season 3 Episode 19 Spoilers: Coulson And Team Wage War Ag...
3 May 2016 at 7:30pm
ABC's hit superhero drama TV series "Marvel's Agents of SHIELD" Season 3 returns this week and fans better brace themselves for an all-out war that is about to take place in the brand new episode, which happens to be the second to the last before the show signs off for the season.
'Person Of Interest' Season 5 Premiere Spoilers: Show Creators Offer Preview ...
3 May 2016 at 7:53pm
This week marks the beginning of the end for CBS' hit sci-fi drama TV series "Person of Interest." The show is now down to its last season. However, this doesn't mean that Season 5 will be short on action, drama, and suspense, because as what has been teased earlier, the final run will see a battle royale between the two artificial super intelligences ? the Machine and the Samaritan.
'Chicago Fire' Season 4 Spoilers: Dawson Goes Beyond The Call Of Duty; Will H...
3 May 2016 at 6:45pm
NBC's hit drama TV series "Chicago Fire" Season 4 returns this week with an all-new episode that will see Gabriela Dawson going beyond her call of duty as a firefighter. In a process, it affects the relationship she has with Matthew Casey. Will the two be willing to compromise for each other?
Ted Cruz Drops Out; Donald Trump Likely Republican Nominee
3 May 2016 at 7:20pm
Republican front-runner Donald Trump scored an important victory over rival Ted Cruz in Indiana on Tuesday, a win that moves him close to being unstoppable in his march to the party's presidential nomination.
'WWE 2K17' Roster News, Rumors: Character Selections, Debuting Superstars, Ch...
3 May 2016 at 6:30pm
With its reported arrival later this year, the "WWE 2K17" revamped roster has become the subject of rumors. Character selections are said to include Brie Bella, who had been retired from WWE Entertainment in the last WrestleMania 32. Others reportedly making the roster are Bray Wyatt and Alundra Blayze. Fans can also expect Sasha Banks, Charlotte, Becky Lynch, as well as Bayley.
Indian Bishop Kidnapped, Beaten in Attempt to Extort $75K From Church
3 May 2016 at 4:54pm
An Indian Catholic bishop who was kidnapped by unknown abductors, beaten and interrogated about the finances of his diocese has been freed.
Catholic Univ. Suspends Employee for Debating LGBTQ Issues With 'Gender Neutr...
3 May 2016 at 3:53pm
A Catholic university in California has suspended an employee for allegedly telling a trio of students, one of whom identifies as gender-neutral, that only two genders, male and female, exist.