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"Dying World":

Is being a good person enough?  Will God (a holy God) over look our rebellion and sin because we live a good life?  Can we expect God to accept us into his presence or His glory because we lived a good life?  Many people believe that there is a God, but many people do not know God.  Take a look at the poem below and the notes that describe the authors view.

Dying World

There are facts in this world that still remain true.

We’re born, we live, we die, we are through.

From the dust we were made to have a free will

To the dust we return when buried on a hill


All funerals are sad there is no doubt

The body in wait and death does tout.

Ministers speak with means to console

The one who died, the heavenly sole.


The rally to God they all proclaim

Mistake and misleading it’s all the same.

The one who lived, “lived a good life.”

To be with God with out the strife.


No accountability and no remorse

For the life they led, death on course.

Satan is there in death as in hell

Consoling the lost all is well.


Just live a good life and be with God.

The ultimate lie, with deceit and fraud.

Many mislead by Satan’s lie

Be with God by getting by.


Free will was mentioned, don’t you see

We all make choices on being free.

Freedom in death comes from God

Not the lie of the deceiving fraud.


The path is clear not many will find

The way to heaven, God defined.

The path is straight only through him

The One who died and took our sin.


We all have choice, free to accept

The one who died and took our steps.

Atoning blood that was shed for all

Freedom of choice, upon who do you call.


Death will continue the fact is true

Where will you go when life is through?





We are born into existence.  We live our lives then we die physically.  But does it end there?



(heavenly sole)  We are praised for living such a good life at our funerals and how we have touched so many lives.  

In what way have you touched others lives?


Proclaimed at funerals:  "They lived a good life and now their Father has taken them to paradise".  If we do not serve God while here on earth, what makes us think we will want to serve Him in heaven?  Whom do you serve? 

A battle in the spiritual relm rages for the souls of man.  There are two sides.  It is very black and white.  Every one must choose a side.  No choice at all is still a choice.  The good thing is it is not too late to change to the winning side.

If you were to do a survey and ask people how do we go to heaven, many would say the key is to be a good person or if my good deeds out way my bad deeds.  This philosophy is nothing short of a lie from Satan himself.

The bible describes only one way to enter the gates of heaven.  It is by God's grace though our faith in Jesus Christ,  God's only son.  And it is through Christ that we achieve the freedom in death as our physical bodies die our spirit and soul will remain with Christ.

God's plan is clearly laid out in the bible, even though many will not believe.  Jesus Christ died for our sin that we may have eternal life with Him if we receive His gift of salvation.


So the choice is presented to every one.  To accept God's gift or not.  Christ shed his blood for us as the final sacrifice for sin.  Nothing will ever compare to what Christ did for all of humanity.  

The age old question:  Life after Death?

The choice is your's.

For all have sinned and come short of the glory of  God.

Romans 3: 23